Privacy Policy

The Sona9 team always respects the privacy of its users and the main goal of the platform is to protect our customers’ data as much as possible to reduce information leakage to the Internet. The Sona9 platform has never disclosed its users’ personal information to third parties unless required by higher authorities in the form of international courts. However, our team has every right to provide players with the necessary information for significant payment service providers to complete a successful transaction. All information available on Sona9 servers is fully protected by state-of-the-art 128-bit data encryption, which allows us to reduce data leaks by several times from the external environment. All data on our servers is strictly controlled and restricted to third parties. All important events or messages are sent by the platform or a partner of our team strictly by email so that the user does not come across a link intending to steal your data. The most important thing a platform user needs to know is that user data is not used for profit and all data transfers to third parties may not take place without the written consent of Sona9. From this, it should be understood that no one can modify your data, copy it, or republish it without the consent of our team.