Responsible Gaming

Sona9 cares about its customers a lot as well as respects their values. So, the company’s main priority is not pushing the client to gamble more and more but providing him/her with a hobby that won’t hurt him/her.

For this reason, on this website, you may use some options that will help you avoid the addiction to gambling that can easily lead to serious problems with mental health. Here these options are:

  • Certain a time limit on how much money you can bet in a given amount of time;
  • Set a time limit on how much money you can lose in a given amount of time;
  • Set a time limit on how long you can play in a single session;
  • Exclude yourself from playing for a set amount of time.

Ways of setting gambling limits

There are two main ways of setting such limits:

  1. You need to contact the sona9 customer service at with the next message: “I want to be removed from” if you wish to have your gambling activities banned. Thus, when a customer support agent receives your request, the self-exclusion will start working right away.
  2. While creating your account, it is possible to take care of addiction prevention already at this stage. You need to select limits that you want to certain. This will be valid for the next 7 days, then you may change the maximum limit if you want to.

Please bear in mind that your account will be deactivated and you won’t be able to re-register on our website if you decide to exclude yourself indefinitely. Also, after setting some betting limits, they will work until the next week (that is, will not be changed for 7 days), then you will be able to send a letter on the same email you wrote before and recover your access to gambling activities on the sona9 website.